EP 23 - Water And Oil

Today we look at the mysterious origins of oil and the magical properties of water.

Petroleum is generally thought of as a byproduct of the decay of biological matter. Pressure plus hundreds of thousands of years creates the bubbly black gold that makes cars drive and hillbillies rich. But is there another way oil can form? Was it always there, before life even began on Earth?

Water, water, everywhere so let's all have a drink! Is water sentient? Is it possible that the way we, as humans, connect with water can actually impact it in a measurable way? We meet with Dr. Emoto and take a look at his research on water and emotion.



Water is a Sentient Being



 Dr. Masaru Emoto



 The Mysterious Origin and Supply of Oil



 Fossil Fuel Without Fossils



Wikipedia: Abiogenic Petroleum



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