Today we eat some slightly less disgusting cabbage, and explore the empty streets of Belray Estates.

Like most modern conspiracies, it all started with a Youtube video. After seeing a lifelike head of cabbage made completly of wax the rumors began to spread that China was shipping out tons of this fake cabbage to neighboring nations.

Then we travel to Belray Estates, a small neighborhood in Utah. It was once filled with life and sounds of man and nature echoed through the streets. Then one day it was all gone. Not a man, not an insect. The city was bulldozed and now just empty land exists. Is this a true story or just another conspiracy created by a community of the curious?


Fake Cabbage from China is now circulating on Philippine market!

There’s A Crazy Conspiracy Theory That China Is Selling The World Fake Cabbage

Belray Surge and Ghost Circle technology

Belray Surge Overview

Assorted Info On The Belray Surge (I took bits and pieces from these)

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