Today we look at not-so-magical beans, a big scary dog becoming a bigger scarier monster, and examine the ancient Jewish belief of a time limit on the universe.

Sometimes conspiracies are exciting, globe trotting adventures. Sometimes they’re mundane. But for the people involved in them they are always life changing. When a group of black farmers bought soybean seeds from a reputable company they though everything would be fine. A season and a million dollars later, these farmers discover they had been sold fake seeds. Was this human greed or a racist power grab?

Then we visit a forest where a man and his dog just wanted to play fetch. Little did they know, THEY would become the Frisbee!. (Note: They do not literally become Frisbees.)

And finally, we explore the story of The Guf. It is said to be a treasury of souls. It is where we all lived before we were alive. But what happens when the treasury runs out? According to tradition, it’s nothing good.


Black farmers were intentionally sold fake seeds in Memphis, lawsuit says


'Half human, half dog' 7ft beast leaves man TERRIFIED after savaging his pet


Guf: a Jewish soul myth


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