Today we postpone the apocalypse and go to camp!

It's another blood moon so it's another round of "The Sky Is Falling, The World Is Ending!"  But is it really? How many times do we have to read headlines explaining that the end is nigh?

And then we dive into the deep end of the pool to examine the racist rantings of one man who wants to end the tyranny of "Jewish Swim Lessons."



APOCALYPSE THEN What’s the blood moon prophecy, what are the end time theories and when did the first total lunar eclipse in the tetrad happen?


End of world: Longest Blood Moon of century to spark apocalypse next week


Blood Moon Prophecy


Man spends Life Saving Promoting Harold Camping May21 End of the world


Did Jesus Predict the End and Get It Wrong?


Mayan apocalypse: Argentina closes mountain over mass suicide risk


Iranian President Linked to Black Magic, Summoning Genies


Jewish Swim Lessons


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