Today we take a look at one of the worst school shootings you've never heard of and, to lighten things up, take a trip to the "zoo!"

I was researching the "2006 Volleyball Incident" which is a phrase that pops up on various conspiracy theory lists. While debunking that (for now), I came across a very real, very tragic event: The 2006 Platte Canyon Attack.

Then, we go from Cairo, Gaza, and China to visit some zoos where the animals are not what they seem. Want to see a lion? You might just want to go to the pound!




2006 Volleyball Incident


Platte Canyon High School Hostage Situation


Emily Was Calm Voice From Inside Room 206


Duane Morrison


Duane Morrison's Suicide Note


FBI Analysis Of Suicide Note


Zoo accused of painting donkeys to look like zebras


Chinese zoo angers visitors by passing off hairy Tibetan mastiff dog as lion


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