EP 40 - Salt Mining

Today we learn that Sugar Babies is more than just a gross candy that ruins your teeth, and women around the world may have given birth to alien babies and not even know it!

Sugar Babies are women who are looking for Sugar Daddies: Rich men who will take care of them financially. But sometimes they are tricked by a Salt Daddy. What's a salt daddy? I can't give everything away!

Next, we travel to the stars to discover that women around the world are being abducted by aliens for carnal pleasure. And sometimes, somehow, these two different species can have a baby together. You might have a hybrid brother out there and not even know it!



Sugar Baby Opens Up About ‘Salt Daddies’: Broke Men Who Trick Others Into Thinking They’re Wealthy



Salt Daddies



Sugar Baby Forums



Salt Dating 101: How To Sleep With Sugar Babies Without Actually Paying Them



Salt Dating 102 - Profile Example & Messaging Scripts (It's only 11 pages!)



'I was abducted by reptile aliens who raped me on the moon every night'



'It was a super primal sexual experience': Group of women make extraordinary claim that they have hybrid 'ALIEN' children who (conveniently) live on giant spaceships



The Hybrid Children Community



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