EP 44 - Ghost To Ghost

Today we say goodbye to a hero, take a physical with boy band BTS, and investigate the "ghost scare" that led to a murder.

Art Bell passed away and already the conspiracy theories have started. But lets remember the man and his legacy. I can definitely say without him, this podcast would have never existed.

Then, we take a look at Pancreas Denial. What is Pancreas Denial? Well, other than being listed on the Conspiracy Iceberg, we don't know much. Actually, we do know it has to do with wizards and possibly the Bangtan Boys!

And finally, we visit jolly ole England in the 18th century to attend a trial of a man who murdered a ghost. Well, kind of.


Art Bell



Art Bell Area 51 Call



The Pancreas is fake




I Dont Believe In Magic (But The Pancreas Is Real, baby)



Understanding your Chakras



Assault, Robbery, and Murder: The Dark History of "Bedsheet Ghosts"



Devon rapist who pretended to be ghost jailed for 26 years



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