Today we look directly into the sun! And then journey into the deepest caverns in Africa in search of the Grootslang.


Sungazing is the belief that you don't need to eat. Or drink. All you need is to look at the sun for 45 minutes a day and all other things will become unnecessary. Except for a seeing eye dog.


Then we go to Africa to meet the Grootslang! It's the first day of our Cryptid Week and today we examine the myth, and possible reality, of a monstrous half-elephant/half-snake. And you thought Bigfoot was scary!


Sungazing: We Can’t Make This Stuff Up


How long does it take before your eyes get damaged when looking at the sun?


How to practice sungazing to improve your health


The Health Benefits of Sungazing


Have You Heard Of Sun Gazing? Find Out What It Is And How To Do It!


“Eat the Sun”: Sun-worshiping fantasy versus reality


The Grootslang

The Grootslang


The Grootslang: Guardian Of The Treasure


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