Today we talk about the heat and whether or not it brings the restless spirits of the damned back to life, and then we finish of Crazy Cryptid Week with the Pope Lick Monster.


Gary Parsons, the paranormal "expert" is claiming that rising temperatures in Britain is bringing out the ghosts. Why? Well, even he doesn't know. But it's a good way to drum up business for himself I guess. Also we discuss why ghosts wear clothes!


Then we travel to Kentucky to explore the legend of the Pope Lick Monster. Is he the only cryptid with a confirmed body count? Where did he come from? And more importantly: why is he half-sheep?




Who You Gonna Cool?


The Pope Lick Monster Is No Mere Urban Legend - He Has An Actual Body Count


Pope Lick Monster


Pope Lick 'monster' survivor 'mentally crushed'


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