Today we examine the horrifying mysteries of brain damage, then return to England to hear a chilling tale of a murderous monster.


Capgras Delusion is a brain disorder that causes it's suffers to believe that those closest to them have been replaced by "clones" or "robots." How is it possible that someone could suddenly see their loved ones as nothing more than blank slates?


The we go to Newgate Prison in olde times England where an unfortunate scholar is interned with a group of cannibals. After they kill and eat the man, they are haunted, and hunted, by a fearsome beast.




That’s Not My Child: A Case of Capgras Syndrome


The Galvactivator


Capgras Delusion


The Capgras Delusion: You Are Not My Wife!


How Capgras Syndrome Works


Black Dog Of Newgate

Cabbie’s Curios: A Ghostly Canine…


The Black Dog Of Newgate


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